HILOTHERAPY for swelling,
hematomas, and inflammation

The locally applicable thermal healing process promotes healing of damaged tissue, lowers pain intensity, and contributes to reducing need for medication.

HILOTHERAPY is particularly effective for traumatic pre- and post-operative indications in areas including orthopedics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, otorhinolaryngology, plastic surgery, and implantology, as well as sports medicine.

It acts to counter swelling, bleeding, hematomas, edemas, and inflammation, by reducing the level of oxygen required by the damaged tissue, as well as helping eliminate harmful substances by activating lymphatic drainage, which serves to accelerate the regeneration of tissue.


Hilotherapy application in oral, jaw, and facial surgery, as well as orthopedics

Effect on oxygen demand

Reducing oxygen has a positive effect on decreasing swelling, hematomas, and inflammation.

  • Lowering the temperature of the affected tissue by 10 °C reduces the metabolic rate by 50%.
  • By doing so, the oxygen demand is also reduced.
  • The amount of oxygen is enough for regeneration.

Effect on eliminating harmful substances

Lowering tissue temperature supports lymphatic drainage, and thus is
very effective in removing harmful substances.

  • In order to ensure the removal of harmful substances like
    proteins or necrotic cells through
    lymphatic drainage, tissue temperature must
    be lowered to an exact degree.
  • That is to say, if tissue temperature falls below +15 °C,
    lymphatic drainage will be severely hampered.


Dangers in incorrect tissue temperature


Two devices for HILOTHERAPY for swelling, ­hematomas, and inflammation

The stationary device HILOTHERM Clinic is available for clinical application, and the mobile
device HILOTHERM Homecare is especially suited to application at home.