Successful worldwide

HILOTHERAPY is already being used in over 20 countries, on every continent. It helps patients after surgical interventions, injuries, and for chronic conditions and their resulting swelling, bleeding, hematomas, edemas, and inflammation. It doesn’t just promote healing, but also reduces pain intensity, which can result in a distinctly reduced medication dosage.


The focus of our company is people whose quality of life has been temporarily restricted. Using HILOTHERAPY, we want to contribute to improving their situation.
Accelerating post-operative or post-injury recovery is one goal, as well as alleviating difficulties which emerge from chronic disorders and containing specific complications which may occur, e.g.
during chemotherapy.
We’re highly motivated and dedicated to the task of meaningfully helping these people with our forms of therapy, in very close cooperation with doctors and therapists.

The Company

The Hilotherm Group was founded in 2003, and is 100 percent privately owned.
The corporate group includes Hilotherm Holding AG, headquartered in Oberwil bei Zug, Switzerland, as well as the 100%-owned subsidiary, Hilotherm GmbH, headquartered in Argenbühl-Eisenharz/Allgäu, Germany. Development and production are local.


Board of administration


Peter Titz

Peter Titz


Peter is an experienced manager with many leadership positions and board memberships in national and international listed companies. He built up a leading Swiss investment group, acquired, rehabilitated and sold successful businesses in the technology industry. Peter Titz is convinced of the “hands on” approach to corporate governance and therefore is often actively involved in corporate development, strategy and management of companies in which he is invested.

Ethos: Don`t talk just do it!

Dieter Lenhardt

Dieter Lenhardt

Managing director & founder

Dieter, founder of Hilotherm, has a successful track-record in building successful medical businesses, his key role in the success of the XYZ business makes Dieter a key driving force behind Hilotherm’s success. From visionary to execution he has taken Hilotherm from an idea to the international success story it is today.

Ethos: Play hard, work harder


Dr. Jürgen Geissinger

Dr. Jürgen Geissinger

Jürgen is an experienced manager who successfully served as Chairman of the Board of international companies. He is also a member of the Supervisory Boards of international stock market listed companies. He possesses a rich wealth of experience about the implementation of strategic corporate development in a well-balanced form of organic global growth with innovative product engineering and the development of new markets as well as acquisitions or sale of companies. With the development of its Hilotherm therapy, Hilotherm has made a valuable contribution in medical technology. Jürgen wants to actively support the company in its efforts to further develop its products and operations. Jürgen is CEO of Senvion, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of onshore and offshore wind turbines.

Ethos: look forward, invent and implement faster

Dr. Jürgen Geissinger

Wallace Stein

After a long and successful career in banking and finance, which involved directorships with a licenced UK bank and a financial services company quoted on the main London Stock Exchange, Wallace built up a portfolio of smaller company investments which he now helps to manage. Wallace is an owner and director of the Hilotherm distributor for the UK and Ireland.

Ethos: Evolution through adaptation